Segments and Value Proposition

Top-Co strives to understand its customer needs and find ways to add value.


  • Evaluation of downhole conditions
  • Consideration of drilling and cementing practices
  • Casing deflection, torque & drag, and displacing efficiency
  • Post-installation analysis and optimization
  • Customized testing
  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Customized quality plans

Service Companies

  • Over 50 years’ experience providing high quality products with a reliable brand
  • Customized testing and data reporting
  • Superior customer service 24/7 delivering quick quoting times
  • Devoted contracts department


  • Certified quality
  • Testing beyond API requirements
  • Truth in advertising
  • Superior customer service
  • World class manufacturing processes
  • Multiple manufacturing plants
  • Consistent capacity expansion
  • Ability to adapt to rapid increases in demand
  • Experience focused in casing equipment


  • Over 50 years’ experience
  • Reliable brand
  • Applications engineering training
  • Highly experienced tendering team
  • Quick quoting times


  • Local support from our regional directors
  • Product availability and training
  • Forecasted inventory stocking plans.
  • Market analysis
  • Brand equity