For nearly half a century Top-Co has been supplying drilling industry with oilfield casing cementing products including float shoes and collars, centralizers and hardware. Dedication to deliver tools of absolute reliability has been the result of our design and manufacturing excellence. As the industry continues to overcome new and challenging conditions Top-Co’s innovative technology is there to deliver solutions.



Float Equipment

Top-Co’s float equipment is a key component for running casing and performing cementing operations. During cementing operations, float equipment is essential for preventing back-flow while also serving as a landing point for wiping and displacement plugs. When surge pressures on the formation are a concern, Top-Co’s float equipment can be configured to auto-fill to prevent formation damage. Our float equipment is manufactured to the highest quality specifications and meets or exceeds the highest API standards. Float equipment is available in sizes 2-3/8” (63mm) to 30” (762mm) with a number of customizable options.

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Inner String Cementing Equipment

Top-Co’s inner string cementing float equipment allows large diameter casing strings to be cemented through the drill pipe or tubing by stabbing/latching and sealing into the float shoe or collar. This eliminates the drill out of large quantities of cement, reduces circulating times, and reduces pumping pressures. Top-Co’s inner string cementing float equipment utilizes the HFX™ valve and is offered with or without a latch-in feature on the stinger.

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Stage Cementing Equipment

Top-Co’s stage cementing equipment allows for 2 and 3 stage cement jobs. This reduces breakdown of weak formations due to high hydrostatic pressure from a tall column of cement and allows for effective zonal isolation around lost circulation zones. It also assists in selectively placing cement over specific casing intervals. Stage collars are available in different casing grades, weights, and thread connections. Plugsets are available for each stage collar application and are ordered separately. Both hydraulic and mechanical stage collars are compatible for use with external casing packers. A combination of two stage tools can be configured for three stage cementing operations.

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Cementing Plugs

Top-Co’s cementing plugs are used during cementing operations for wiping the casing ID clean of drilling fluids and providing separation between mud, spacers, and cement. They also prevent over displacement of the cement slurry and indicate when the cementing job is complete. All plugs are designed to fit in conventional cementing heads.

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integral centralizer subs

Integral Centralizer Subs

With the energy industry’s challenging and demanding performance requirements, Top-Co’s Centralizer Subs are designed to withstand the most extreme deepwater down hole conditions. Manufactured from seamless casing grade material, the centralizer subs are designed for performance in under-reamed holes. Additionally, Top-Co’s customization capabilities allow the sub design to match the exact needs of most well and casing programs. Combined with Top-Co’s expert Applications Engineering team and the simulations offered, the centralizer subs meet specific well requirements, as well as overcome common drilling challenges.

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Centralizers and Casing Accessories

Top-Co’s centralizers and casing accessories are designed and manufactured to assist casing running and cementing. Starting, Running and Restoring force tests performed in Top-Co’s Test Facility as per API Specification 10D, and holding force tests as per API Recommended Practice 10D-2. The tests are conducted at Top-Co’s state-of-the-art testing facility, which features a fully computerized centralizer test bench.

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specialty equipment

Specialty Equipment

Is a selection of recommended thread compounds, which are suitable for use with Top-co equipment.

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