Corporate Office – Houston

For convenience to our customers, Sale Offices and Distribution Centers, are located globally.

Leading Manufacturing Facility

Top-Co’s operations are vertically integrated in a lean manufacturing platform and our specialized production facilities and large stocked inventory of immediately available parts in regional markets translates into industry leading order fill performance standards. We have focused our engineering resources on developing fit-for-purpose torque and drag solutions and tools for directional, horizontal, and extended-reach wells. Our certified production facilities include computer controlled machining centers, electronically controlled heat treating conveyor lines, and a state-of-the-art testing facility which is one of the most sophisticated in North America.

Utilizing modern production equipment, Top-Co ensures superior productivity performance and continuous compliance with quality standards. All three Top-Co manufacturing facilities – Edmonton, Houston, and Tianjin – follow procedures in accordance with international quality standards, including API Q1 and ISO 9001. Our international suite of quality certifications reflects a corporate commitment to customer satisfaction, product conformance and reliability. Our Quality Management System clearly identifies individual and unique customer needs and ensures the communication of these needs is facilitated throughout the entire organization and manufacturing process.

Operating processes reflect a full range of lean manufacturing and 5S principles. The operational excellence and production teams are dedicated to process mapping to identify continuous improvement programs which are realized in stable, predictable, and competitive pricing.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility in China

Top-Co is committed to continuously improving the quality and delivery of our products. In 2013, we commissioned our new state-of-the art manufacturing plant in Tianjin, China – combining over 50 years of manufacturing experience with today’s best manufacturing technology. Our highly-automated processes and skilled personnel deliver statistically-proven world class quality.
Certifications include:

  • API Specification Q1.
  • ISO 9001:2008.
  • API Specification 5CT.
  • API Specification 10D.