Top-Co’s Commitment to Workplace Health and Safety

Top-Co is fully committed to protecting the health and safety of its most valuable resource and asset – its People. This commitment extends to employees’ families and communities, contractors and visitors. Top-Co’s goal of zero accidents/injuries applies both on and off the job; health and safety is a 24-7 mindset and core value.

Top-Co operates in compliance with all applicable government regulations and together with its employees, recognizes their responsibilities to develop and implement procedures and practices that provide a safe work environment for everyone. This joint responsibility and commitment fosters a culture of continuous improvement – ensuring long-term business success and service excellence while minimizing losses associated with workplace incidents. Workplace safety and accident prevention is the responsibility of each and every Top-Co employee. All employees, contractors and visitors are empowered to make the necessary decisions to ensure a safe work environment for everyone. Active participation and vigilance in Workplace Health and Safety is required.

Top-Co confirms its commitment to health and safety by:

  • Setting the example and providing leadership in health and safety through corporate governance and reporting standards.
  • Identifying, reporting, assessing, managing and responding to potential health and safety hazards, including all forms of workplace harassment and violence, and providing the appropriate corrective measures to mitigate or eliminate the risks associated with these hazards.
  • Establishing HSE goals and objectives with employees and joint health and safety committees that strive for industry-leading performance and compliance.
  • Meeting or exceeding health and safety requirements established by applicable government legislation, industry standards or client contracts.
  • Providing proper resources and training for supervisors and employees to achieve an injury and incident-free workplace.
  • Recognizing performance excellence and leadership in health and safety.
  • Holding all employees accountable for their safety performance by making safety an important factor in overall job performance evaluation.
  • Openly communicating with stakeholders and ensuring an understanding of our health and safety policies, standards, programs and performance.
  • Ensuring all Employees are fit to work safely and may never use illegal drugs or alcohol, misuse prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications during working hours or while on Top-co or customer premises.
  • Recognizing that Motor Vehicle related incidents are the leading cause of work related fatalities and injuries and prohibits the use of cell phones or electronic devices while operating company vehicles