Applications Engineering

The fit-for-purpose concept consists of a technical procedure to better select and recommend our equipment.

Analyzing the wellbore schematic and interacting with the drilling engineer, Top-Co defines the general themes and operating practices in the specific drilling area. These include bottomhole temperatures, expected mud weights, planned tops of cement, potential depleted zones, etc. By evaluating these parameters, we identify specific casing running and cementing challenges that our equipment can address, such as:

  • High levels of torque.
  • High levels of drag.
  • Buckling (sinusoidal and helical).
  • Differential pressure sticking.
  • Tight annular clearances.
  • Washout sections.
  • Wellbore stability.
  • Challenging trajectories.
  • High temperature/high pressure.
  • Gas migration.
  • Weak formations.
  • Tight pore/fracture pressure windows.

Top-Co is a dedicated solutions provider, not just an equipment supplier. Our focused applications and design engineers, research & development projects, and testing initiatives, effectively contribute to three of our customers’ main drilling objectives:

  1. Reaching total depth in a safe and cost effective manner.
  2. Achieving zonal isolation.
  3. Establishing long term wellbore integrity.

Top-Co’s Fit-for-Purpose proposal also contributes to operational and commercial advantages to our customers:

  • Competitive pricing.
  • Efficient delivery.
  • Effective distributor management.
  • Technical support.